The Moms Were Saying YUM!!!
I got the peeps and bunnies for an Easter Egg hunt for my grandaughter's and some of their friends.  Not only were the cookies meticulously made, but they tasted great.  The Moms were saying YUM!!!  We will definitely be ordering again.  Great value- Hope your business does well. - Mary B.

"The Presentation is Beautiful!" 
OK I just got/had one of the Patriotic Star Cookie of the month.... WOW! They are GREAT tasting cookies... Very fresh and kind of melt in your mouth! I am really impressed. The icing is just right and not too sweet... The decorating on the patriotic star with the icing and sprinkles is just beautiful! I totally LOVE the lobster cookie and the story... and I just know that your M-I-L Nancy is looking down and smiling... These truly are some of the BEST cookies I have ever tasted. The presentation is beautiful! These would make for an excellent present. - Beckie H.

"Very Fresh And Not Too Sweet"
I had a cookie for an employee appreciation at work and they were delicious! I even asked if I could have one of the extras. Very fresh and not too sweet, just right. -Marcie K.

"I Am In Love!"
Thank you for sharing with us! They are awesome. The icing is wonderful and the cookie is the perfect! I am in love! I will be calling you soon for some orders! I am looking for a spine cookie cutter! Thanks so much!  - Sarah H.

"Almost Too Pretty Too Eat"
The first cookies our family had were from my daughter, Jillian's, 5th birthday. They are wonderful. Not only did they taste good, but they were beautifully decorated. Almost too pretty to eat. Now they are a must at every party we have. Thank-You!!!  - Rachelle K.

"Customer Service is Outstanding"
I got 2 cookie bouquets from Cookie Rookie for our sons birthdays. They were Nintendo themed cookies. They were adorable and tasted fantastic. We love the intricate details and the soft texture of the cookies. The icing in wonderful too! They will be a must at future special occasions in our family. Customer service is outstanding - such nice people!  - Trish P.