End of the school year!

We recently had an order for two of our personalized cookie bouquet's. what a personal way to thank a teacher or anyone for being there for you. We place 7 cookies double thick on sticks and arrange them is a vase wrapped and ready for delivery. You just pick the theme, and the colors and let us do the rest.

Memorial Day.

Maybe your day will be with friends and family, maybe by yourself. That doesn't matter as much as your freedom to do so.  We want to thank Stan Shaner, Leory Lyons, Joe Lyons and Will Willard for keeping us free. Without you and many more out there we could not have a business and support our families. So enjoy the day and maybe end it with smore's by the fire.

Memorial Day Picnic

Most picnic's have watermelon for dessert. So do we! Enjoy these sweet morsels of goodness for your picnic. Order them on a platter, by the box, or individually bagged for an additional cost. Thank you for supporting us and sharing us with your friends.

What are you having to eat?

At most houses for Memorial Day, people typically do hamburgers. Load them up with plenty of toppings. So tell us, what are you having for your main course? Dogs, burgers, steaks, or grilled portabella mushroom sandwiches like we are? Whatever you have, enjoy our cookies as your dessert.

Memorial Day is coming!

We hope you are looking forward to the Memorial Day holiday. We will be celebrating here at the house with a good ol fashioned picnic. Wouldn't your guests love to have Your Cookie Rookie cookies for dessert? These red, white, and blue gems are amongst our favorites. For an extra fee we can arrange these on a platter ready to serve. We would love to make your weekend a success. Please feel free to call and discuss any ideas you may have with us.

May Cookie of the Month.

Ok, ok, ok, we're running a little behind announcing our Cookie of the Month for May. Well, here it is. Due to the lack of April showers, the May flowers have gone a little crazy! These flashy cookies come in a variety of colors and styles. Add a bit of color to your spring time celebrations. We thank you for supporting our humble little business.