The first day of Fall is upon us. The cool evenings, the leaves are beginning to fall, and pumpkin spice is in almost everything. Celebrate those evenings with a cup of your favorite coffee, and these beautiful indian corn.

What to do?

Need something simple for a wedding or baby shower? Why not these butterflies? We can make them in a variety of colors and detail designs. Have a better idea? Just let us know and we will see what we can do.

All Aboard!

We love new ideas! These were recently completed for a bridal shower.

Hey bub!

how about some cookies! If you know who this is, then you know someone who'd love these cookies. Look at all our other hero inspired creations in the picture section of our pages.

September Cookie of the Month

It's time for the September Cookie of the Month! One dozen of these crispy fall leaves will cost you $13.00 per dozen. That saves you $4.95 over our regular price. Hoping this helps cool off the days as fall approaches. 

Cute little critters.

My daughter Emilie loves little critters. And these are no exception. Little kids will love coming home to a dozen of these on a plate. Why not surprise them? Need blue noses on them? Let us know.