The finished product!

Ok, so here are the finished products. We were thrilled with the results. Thanks for the idea Mary!

I can smell something delightful!

The house smells like fresh cookies this morning! Always a good thing. Making rockets, astronauts, American flags and moons. Can't wait to show you the finished product.

Time to assemble!

Okay, it's time to assemble, for your birthday parties! We have a wide selection of ideas to fit most themes. Just ask, and we'll see what we can do. 

Will you help?

So, the weather isn't good for anyone but these little guys. Know anyone who would adopt them and their brothers and sisters? They must go in groups of 12, and would be $17.95. Try to buy a regular penguins for that price. Have not tasted penguin, but i believe ours taste better. Just let us know if there is room in your belly for these guys.

What to do.....

Ok Guys. Valentines is a tough time of year for us. What is the perfect gift for the one you love? For us married guys, it's even harder. Some like roses, while others like chocolate. But, for the unmarried....... Getting engaged is always a winner. And doing it in a unique way ALWAYS is a winner. Why not use our cookies do the talking. Or even as a way to tell friends and family after the fact. These may not glitter as much as that diamond, but all will have smiles on their faces.

Simple AND satisfying!

Do you need to send long distance hugs and kisses? We have a sweet way to do it. Just call us up, decide your cookies, and we'll deliver. No cost for waynesburg and surrounding areas. We still have room for cookies on Friday and Saturday.

Sweet Goodness!

Want to send out a sweet kiss to someone? How about 12! Your lips will never taste as good as ours. And our bright red gable boxes always mean fun. Order yours today.

Will You Be Mine?

Here's the Cookie of the Month for February. Why not send someone special a little message telling them how you feel? These are fun and bring back so many memories. Will you be mine?