Happy Halloween!

Had a great time at trick or treat last night. If you want some of these treats, goro 5 Kidz Kandy and buy them while they last!

A new movie!

Yeah, i have to share our cookies. Anyone else get excited for the new Star Wars movies? Why not have a party to celebrate the new release? I think these will do the job! 


Well, the weather certainly changed. The air has chilled and the nights are down right cold. It is a great time for grilled cheese and tomato soup. These grilled cheese are not for dipping in soup, but for coffee. These are one of our more unconventional cookies. Hope you enjoy the pic! 

OctoberCookie of the Month

Well, Fall is here, a time to decorate with pumpkins, corn, and get the warm clothes out of storage. We hope that you enjoy some time with your families while having these reminders of crisp Fall mornings!