Fall Is Coming!

 Fall will be here sooner than we expect.

Now is the time be thinking about when you will need cookies in the coming months

Contact us today to schedule your order.

Age creeping up?

 Do you feel like your best years are behind you? Or know someone who is not looking forward to that next birthday? Why not get some cookies!

Tested in the fire!

About 8 years ago, we were a little bitty cookie company.
But we were determined.
Southwest Regional Hospital, here in Waynesburg, and Ruby Memorial Hospital, in Morgantown, Wv,  both asked us to provide cookies for nurses week.
so, we did 600 for one, and 700 for the other. Every surface in our house became a drying space.
Even today, after 10 years experience, we keep to between 600 and 720 per week.
So, back then, that was quite a test.
Thankfully, we survived and learned alot from it.


Time to make the donuts....I mean cookies!

Almost time for school to begin.
We all need just a few more days making s'mores over the fire'
I bet our cookies would go along with a relaxing evening.
Contact us today to see how soon we can help.


Website Restart??

 Just a Reminder, we are on vacation this week, August 9th thriugh August 15Th.

we will still return any questions as we have time.

This is a test

 i am hoping this goes through