Fireworks Time!

Well' the 4th is fast approaching! Where will you be celebrating? Why not take us along for the ride? Such a sweet ending to your day. Give us a call and see what we can bake up for you today.


Ok folks, i need help here, i remember talking to someone about a cookie bouquet with a motorcycle in it, but do not have an order. Either it wasn't ordered, or i have lost it. Please let me know, and ask your friends how may have ordered it. Thanks.

Summer Time!

We're gearing up for summer and all the food we are going to have. And you shouldn't forget the desserts! Why not have these yummy burgers first? Fill up on just one dozen, or order 100 for your family reunion. We'll be ready.

The winners!

Ok, here's the answers you were looking for. Our five winners are,
Jenn Gumbarevic
Tonya Hull
Michelle Zalar
Rachel Fox
Ana Holbert
If you know these people, please let them know. We need to hear from them. If we don't by the end of day Tuesday, we will pick alternate winners. Thanks.

Happy day!

I mustache you a question, who likes free cookies? We know you do! To celebrate reaching 1000 likes, we will be drawing 5 names to receive 1 dozen of our Cookie of the Month. This is to also celebrate 5 years of bussiness. Thees will be 5 separate drawings from the first 1000 people in our list. You will be contacted, and they cannot be redeemed till after June 27th. We will announce the winners on Saturday.

New delivery!

We're preparing another delivery to 5 Kidz Kandy! Looking for the Very Hungry Catapiller? Flowers? And what will the other tray look like? Stop in and see them tomorrow. These will be for the men in your lives. And cool down with their Hershey's hand dipped ice cream. 24 choices to pick from.

June Cookie of the Month.

June Cookie of the Month! Get them flip flops out, it's time to show off those toesies! They come in a variety of colors, and are only &13.00 per dozen. Take advantage of this deal for this month.