Thank You!

The final deliveries for the CHRISTmas season are ready. Thank you for all the support throughout this year. We look forward to serving you next year. 

Need an idea?

Is your child having a themed party? Need an idea for a snack? Why not ask us to come up with something. We have had years of experience adding a sparkly touch to any occasion. Let us do the thinking and you do the eating today!

Closed for CHRISTmas!

Well, we topped our last year CHRISTmas orders. Last year, we had 88 dozen, or 1,056 cookies. This year, we are doing 103 dozen, or 1,236 cookies! That is amazing! We want to thank you for all your support, bit we really are closed for CHRISTmas orders. Maybe a lovely New Years platter? Thanks again.

Last orders

Ok folks, we are quickly running out of space. For the week of Dec 6-12, we can take 4 more dozen. For the following week of Dec 13-19, we can take 5 more dozen. After that, we will be closed for orders. We thank you for your loyalty year after year. It truly brings us great joy.

Checking our orders twice.

God has been good to us. Our deliveries for the week of Dec 21-25 are closed. Don't fear though, we can still take orders for the week of December 14. Our cookies hold up very well for weeks. So, your cookies delivered in the weeks leading up to CHRISTmas will be fresh for your dinner. We can take about 10 more dozen for the week of December 14th, so don't delay.

Cookies For Sale!

Ok folks, hot off the cookie tray! A new design. These dozen cookies are for sale, and ready for pick-up. First to respond here can get them for $17.95 plus shipping if your not local.

December Cookie of the Month.

Welcome to December! 16 days till Star Wars comes out, 24 days till CHRISTmas. Plenty of reasons to celebrate this month. Our December Cookie of the Month will be these happy reindeer. They will be sure to brighten up any party/celebration. And for only $13.00 per dozen, quite a bargin. Get yours today.

Cookie bouquets?

Remember, any cookie can become a bouquet! 7 cookies per bouquet, they don't have to match, $29.95. 

Orders are piling up!

Need some ugly sweaters? We got you covered! Orders are coming in daily. Don't be left out. Order your little gems today.

Do you have the space?

During this holiday season, can you find it in your heart to give these guys a home? They are so far away from the arctic, and just want someplace to waddle the day away. They have so many brothers and sisters all just waiting for your call. We love to send them out in groups of twelve. So, if you can help, call 724-710-8056
and ask for Leigh Ann. 

Its's Small business Saturday!

In honor of small business Saturday we are expanding our black Friday sale! Any orders placed today before midnight will receive a free half dozen cookies of the month. In other words you'll get six free Christmas cookies, birthday cookies, or cookies for any occasion.  Let us help lighten your baking load this year! You can call us at 724-710-8056 or email us at You can also visit us On Facebook

Black Friday Special!

Ok, so everyone is having black Friday specials. Why not us? So here's the plan. Any order placed on Friday November 27th will get a free 1/2 dozen of the current Cookie of the Month. These orders can be for anytime. So, now is the time to place those CHRISTmas orders.

Almost turkey time!

Do you need to take a dessert to Thanksgiving dinner and can't find the time? Let us help. We can put together a fancy little platter complete with a plastic wrap and ribbon. Get your last minute orders in before it's too late.

Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Why not have your table set with these unique place "cards" both fun to look at, and a great surprise to start the meal. And don't your little turkey's deserve a surprise? Let us know if we can provide cookies loose, or on a platter ready to serve to your guests.

November Cookie of the Month

November Cookie of the Month will be our traditional turkey legs. Pay just $13.00 and we will give you 12 of these little beauties. And, as much as i hate to bring up another holiday when Thanksgiving is just revving up, we have begun to take CHRISTmas orders. Just saying😬.

Happy Halloween!

Had a great time at trick or treat last night. If you want some of these treats, goro 5 Kidz Kandy and buy them while they last!

A new movie!

Yeah, i have to share our cookies. Anyone else get excited for the new Star Wars movies? Why not have a party to celebrate the new release? I think these will do the job! 


Well, the weather certainly changed. The air has chilled and the nights are down right cold. It is a great time for grilled cheese and tomato soup. These grilled cheese are not for dipping in soup, but for coffee. These are one of our more unconventional cookies. Hope you enjoy the pic! 

OctoberCookie of the Month

Well, Fall is here, a time to decorate with pumpkins, corn, and get the warm clothes out of storage. We hope that you enjoy some time with your families while having these reminders of crisp Fall mornings!


The first day of Fall is upon us. The cool evenings, the leaves are beginning to fall, and pumpkin spice is in almost everything. Celebrate those evenings with a cup of your favorite coffee, and these beautiful indian corn.

What to do?

Need something simple for a wedding or baby shower? Why not these butterflies? We can make them in a variety of colors and detail designs. Have a better idea? Just let us know and we will see what we can do.

All Aboard!

We love new ideas! These were recently completed for a bridal shower.

Hey bub!

how about some cookies! If you know who this is, then you know someone who'd love these cookies. Look at all our other hero inspired creations in the picture section of our pages.

September Cookie of the Month

It's time for the September Cookie of the Month! One dozen of these crispy fall leaves will cost you $13.00 per dozen. That saves you $4.95 over our regular price. Hoping this helps cool off the days as fall approaches. 

Cute little critters.

My daughter Emilie loves little critters. And these are no exception. Little kids will love coming home to a dozen of these on a plate. Why not surprise them? Need blue noses on them? Let us know.

She said YES!

And you can use this unique way to pop the question, or let your family know about your future nuptials. Congrats Lindsey and Zak!

Gordon Shumway?

You gotta be a child of the 80's to understand this. So many options out there to put on a cookie. Just ask us if we can do it, and we'll give it a try.

Rain Day 2015!

Well, tomorrow is rain day in Waynesburg, PA. There will be activities all day long. 5 Kidz Kandy will have a new order of 6 dozen cookies from us. And don't walk out without some Hershey's ice cream.

Schedule update

Due to a schedule change, we will be available to deliver cookies for July 27th through July 31st. So, if you need them, let us know!

Munch, munch, munch!

There's a very hungry caterpillar around here. Rather in our house, or yours, there's always something to munch. Order a few before they eat us out of house and home. 

Vacation Time!

Important information! We're taking our little minions on vacation. So, we will not deliver any orders between July 19th and August 10th. Please keep that in mind when ordering. If you've already ordered, don't worry, your place is secure.

July Cookie of the Month

Time for our July Cookie of the Month! These are a special deal at $13.00 per dozen. Order plenty for your picnics! Call us today about personalizing a set for you.

Fireworks Time!

Well' the 4th is fast approaching! Where will you be celebrating? Why not take us along for the ride? Such a sweet ending to your day. Give us a call and see what we can bake up for you today.


Ok folks, i need help here, i remember talking to someone about a cookie bouquet with a motorcycle in it, but do not have an order. Either it wasn't ordered, or i have lost it. Please let me know, and ask your friends how may have ordered it. Thanks.

Summer Time!

We're gearing up for summer and all the food we are going to have. And you shouldn't forget the desserts! Why not have these yummy burgers first? Fill up on just one dozen, or order 100 for your family reunion. We'll be ready.

The winners!

Ok, here's the answers you were looking for. Our five winners are,
Jenn Gumbarevic
Tonya Hull
Michelle Zalar
Rachel Fox
Ana Holbert
If you know these people, please let them know. We need to hear from them. If we don't by the end of day Tuesday, we will pick alternate winners. Thanks.

Happy day!

I mustache you a question, who likes free cookies? We know you do! To celebrate reaching 1000 likes, we will be drawing 5 names to receive 1 dozen of our Cookie of the Month. This is to also celebrate 5 years of bussiness. Thees will be 5 separate drawings from the first 1000 people in our list. You will be contacted, and they cannot be redeemed till after June 27th. We will announce the winners on Saturday.

New delivery!

We're preparing another delivery to 5 Kidz Kandy! Looking for the Very Hungry Catapiller? Flowers? And what will the other tray look like? Stop in and see them tomorrow. These will be for the men in your lives. And cool down with their Hershey's hand dipped ice cream. 24 choices to pick from.

June Cookie of the Month.

June Cookie of the Month! Get them flip flops out, it's time to show off those toesies! They come in a variety of colors, and are only &13.00 per dozen. Take advantage of this deal for this month.

What time is it?

Time to assemble! Need ideas for those birthday parties? We have tons of ideas for boys and girls. Give us a call, tell us what your child is interested in, and we'll do the rest. 

The Dr is in.

1 Kid, 2 Kid, 3 Kid, More,
4 Kid, 5 Kid, 6, We're Poor......
We're always ready to help welcome your new little addition to the family. Call us to discuss your ideas. And remember, 5 Kidz Kandy is still proudly carrying Your Cookie Rookie cookies locally. Get a cup of fresh coffee to go with those cookies.

New idea!

Ok, so we can do grumpy cat cookies. Sometimes we are not too sure how something will translate into sugar, but i think we hit it! What do you think?