Cookie of the Month!

Remember, we will have a new Cookie of the Month announced in 2 days. These are the same cookies we make daily, just at a savings to you. They are typically an easier design that takes less time to produce. This allows us to pass the savings to you. Regular cookies are $17.95 per dozen, Cookie of the Month are $13.00 per dozen. Check back for our current special. 

Always Have Our Teams!

With so many of the local teams doing well, it is only natural that we will have celebrations. With that in mind, we offer these Pittsburgh Penguins cookies. Rather you are for us or against us, we can make sweet treats to feed all your rowdy friends.
We would like to remind you of our Cookie of the Month club. Each month we pick a simple design and offer them at a discount. They are only $13.00 per dozen. That saves you $4.95 per dozen over our regular price. Anyone who wishes to be part of the Club will receive an e-mail by the 3rd of each month asking if you want yours for the month and when. You can choose to opt out for the month if you like. We need all our current Club members to let us know if you still want to be part. Just respond to this post, e-mail us, or text Cookielady Shaner. Thank you for all our customers and may God bless your day!
Congratulations Stacy Kish! You were our winner for the mustache cookies. Contact us  with your info so we can get these to you.
Remember our contest. Suggest us to your friends for a chance to win 1dozen mustache cookies. Let us know via Facebook or at by 8pm Sunday to be entered into a random drawing.

New Cookies!

I moustache you a question......have you suggested us to all your friends? We are always looking to increase our customer base. Suggest us to your friends, let us know you did on Facebook or by e-mail and we will put in for a drawing for one dozen moustache cookies. This offer will last until Sunday at 8 pm and then we will draw a winner. Thanks for keeping an eye on us. 

Curious question.......

We are trying to decide if these fairies should have faces or not. What do you think?

More Party Ideas!

Angry Birds is popular these days. May we suggest these sweet Angry Birds for your next get together. You can have them on a tray, individually bagged and tagged, loose in a box, or in a original cookie bouquet. Prices are listed on our web page at, or on our Facebook page.

Fall Is Coming!

As we start looking around, we can't help noticing the leaves are beginning to fall. Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice coffee, a chill has taken over our evenings, and the pumpkins are growing on the vines.  Don't forget our crunchy fall leaves when you have that warm cup of coffee, or hot chocolate. They make your quiet moments even better.

Birthday Favor Ideas

Looking for something to give out at the birthday? You an give gift bags full of small things they'll never play with, and some simple candy that is just OK, or you can give personalized sugar cookies that will bring a smile to anyone's face. These can be themed to match most parties and have a personal thank you printed at the top. The price is $2.00 per cookie bagged and tagged and ready to go out the door.  Any of our cookie ideas can be bagged to meat your needs.

September Cookie of the Month

We are offering these sunflower cookies as our September Cookie of the Month. They will look beautiful in full bloom wherever you choose to place them. At $13.00 per dozen, you save $4.95 over our regular price. Sorry, no sunflower seeds will come of these beauties, as they will not be around long enough to dry out.