Duckies, duckies everywhere! We were overrun with duckies for an order a few weeks ago. I just liked the randomness of these on the cookie sheet. My(Andy) cookie sheets have to be neat and tidy and "all my ducks in a row". Sorry for the pun. Leigh Ann does a wonderful job with "random". Pleasing to the eye.
So you like the idea of our crystallized cookies for your graduate, but want something that's personal? How about one of our cookie bouquet's with some of their favorite things? Our cookie bouquet cookies are thicker than our regular cookies and can be made from any of our regular designs. Prices start at $24.95 for 7 personalized cookies delivered locally. These ship very well for an additional cost.

Graduation Platters

Just another great idea for those graduation parties! These platters are available in any size ready to serve.

Graduation is here! Don't to send your graduate something special and yummy as well. Order your cookies in your school colors to make it personal.