New sprinkles!

New metallic spring sprinkles!!! Looks like Easter just got a little bit shinier! Thanks Wilton

As God as my witness, i'll never go hungry again!

Sometimes we get a challenge. His one took some creativeness on Leigh Ann's part. But, we pulled it off. Let us know your idea and see what we can come up with.

Party favors

Talk about party favors! These would be the hit to any party. Put them on the platter ready to serve, no work treats! Call us today for your party ideas.

When you wish.....

Ever dream of a far away place, a place where dreams come true, where you talk to the animals? Now, they don't actually talk back here on Strath N De Farm, (except Shot can be a bit lippy),that would be the things of fairy tales. But, we are into making your cookie dreams come true. Tell us your idea, let us research it, and bring you the results. These were for a very lucky princess, from her ever loving prince charming. What about your dreams..........

Tasty books!

Have someone who loves books? Why not let us recreate them into glittery cookie they can enjoy? We will be happy to try and do your favorite.

Last chance!

Valentine's orders are about closed. Make sure you are not late to the date. Call us today and place your orders for that special someone!

Snow is here!

So, after the snow we got last night, do you want to build a snowman? Making these took a little more work, but, the end results came out great! 


Ok, so something from a long time ago. Do your kids like dinosaurs? Why not give them these bones to chew on. Thanks for the great idea Devon!

My Little Pony?

My Little Pony? Yes we've done that. We've done a large variety of birthday themed cookie favors. Let us help you celebrate that special day!

Sheriff Callie

Sheriff Callie cookies were a new one for us. It has been years since we had a little one in the house. But, we are now fostering a 3 year old, and all the new shows are on regularly. Let us know what your little one likes, and we'll see if we can make it a cookie. 

February Cookie of the Month

Here are the February Cookie of the Month. You will get a mix of the two designs. With savings like these, why not get two dozen?