4th of July Ideas!

A couple of years ago we did this cookie platter for someone celebrating their soldiers retirement. This can be such a wonderful centerpiece to your 4th celebration as we gather to celebrate our independence.  The sugared cookies almost glitter as much as the fireworks that come later in the evening. Check with us for pricing that will fit your budget.

4th of July!

It's time again to celebrate our independence. Most families have picnic's or are invited to picnic's. take a box of your favorite firecrackers with you. Each cookie is covered with our colorful sugar and is sure to make an explosion in your mouth. Any cookies we sell can be arranged on a platter and wrapped, for an extra fee, to be ready to serve.

We're out of here!

We will be taking a small missionary trip to Harrisburg Pa from 6-15 thru 6-21. We will be using our talents to help others. We will still try to answer e-mails and facebook questions time permitting.
We hope you have a SUPER week.

The Eye's Have It!

Sometimes I just can't help but really enjoy some of the images created when we do something randomly with our cookies like stack them on a tray. This image of frogs really caught my attention. Fun for any occasion!

Gum by plays football?

Just when you thought you've seen a few too many combinations, here we have Gumby playing football. I just liked the presentation of these cookies when I put them in the box. These were for a good friends son who obviously plays football and has the last name Gumbarevic.

Turtle Power!

Ninja turtles and pizza go together like Garfield and lasagna. Try these dudes with or without the pizzas for an outstanding birthday bash! You know you want to say it......Cowabunga!

More pics

Here are some other examples of our Cookie of the Month.

June Cookie of the Month

Summer is just around the corner. These flip-flop will make a wonderful snack or thank you for a job well done.  And because these are our Cookie of the Month, they are only $13.00 per dozen. that's a savings of $4.95 over our regular price.
 Just tell us what colors and how many and we will take care of the rest.