We're always ready to celebrate a birthday with these new designs! #cookies #sugarcookies #birthday

1st birthday

We made some wonderful cookies for a first birthday. Always love making new design ideas.

Halloween orders

Just an early reminder, we are beginning to receive Halloween orders. Now would be a great time to be thinking about the kids Halloween parties! Don't be late or you'll be left out in the cold. 


We recently did these mermaid themed cookies for a customer. The colors worked great with each other. What will our next orders be? Check back and see! #cookies #sugarcookies #beach #shells #mermaids


Do you have a little wizard that deserves a sweet treat? How about these Harry Potter themed cookies. Contact us today about your ideas!

September COM

Our Cookie of the Month for September will be these footballs. Get some for your next football game.

New idea

Gotta love these little avocados! What ideas are on your mind?


With pre-season beginning, we want to offer these football themed cookies. They will be the hit of any party.


Our website is having problems and we are not able to update the pricing. Please see our Facebook site for correct pricing, or call 724-710-8056
for more information.


Want to advertise your company? Maybe an open house or other event. Contact us to see if we can turn your logo into a sweet business card.  


Time to announce a price change. In our 6 years, we have raised our prices once. It is now time to keep up with the cost of materials, while still giving you a great deal compared to our competitors. Any orders placed July 1st and after will be on the new prices of $19.95 per dozen for our regular cookies, and $15.00 for our Cookie of the Month. Our bouquets will remain at $29.95. Thank you for all you have done to help us succeed, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Our Cookie of the Month for June are mixed varieties of flip-flops. Order them by the dozen for only $13.00.

Baby shower

Thanks for letting us help celebrate your precious little boy. Your display looks amazing! Is there something we can help you celebrate? Let us know!


Are you having a luau or other Hawaiian celebration? We may just have the cookies for you! #sugarcookies #cookies #hawaii #sweets 

Beach days

Well, our kids are out of school. Time to start thinking about flip flops and trips to the beach! And picnics with desserts. Take us with you wherever you go.


Want some doughnuts? Well, we only have these amazing doughnut sugar cookies! And we make them in sooo many varieties. Order them today!


Graduation is just around the corner. Are you ready for the party? 


Are you getting ready to get married? Want to ask your friends to be part of your bridal party? Why not do it with cookies? Choose your colors, date, and we'll get the cookies ready! 


Our March Cookie of the Month will be these multi colored roses. Our Cookie of the Month are a simple design that we offer for $13.00 per dozen. This is a savings of $4.99 over our regular price. 

Baby shower

Having a very fancy baby shower? We can jazz up our cookies with a splash of gold coloring. Just let us know what you need and we'll make it happen. 


Know someone who's having twins? Are you and a friend like "2 peas in a pod"? Why not get them cookies? We have hundreds of cookie cutter ideas for someone special. Contact us today about your ideas. 


Absolutely love these little guys! The Mrs's has done it again! Another great decorating job by Leigh Ann. Thanks for continuing with the great ideas out there! You can order loose by the dozen, individually as party favors(12 min) or on trays ready to serve. Let us know your need and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Spring is in the air! Order our cookies by the dozen. And the best part, you can order several different designs in a single order. So, feel free to ask for all the designs pictured here. 


Who needs some lucky bunny feet? We have them in droves! Got an interesting idea for Easter? Ask us, we may be able to help. 


Before you know it Easter will be here! April 16th is just around the corner, and we're here to help out with filling those baskets or the dessert table. We usually need to shut down orders early. So, get yours in before it's too late.

April contest

I want to introduce you to this little chocolate bear. He and several of his friends will be very important to you soon. Every April Cookie of the Month order that will be DELIVERED between April 1st, and April 14th may find one of these extra surprises inside your box. It is only about 1.5" x 1.5" big. If you do find one, take it to 5 Kidz Kandy. After you show them and enjoy your chocolate bear, you will receive a solid handmade chocolate rabbit suitable for any basket including your own. Winners will be decided by random drawing each Sunday for the following week. So, get your orders in to be eligible. And please send us pictures of your bear/bunny so we may post them here. 


We delivered 3 dozen cookies to 5 Kidz Kandy this morning. Remember to look for the "lucky" ones that have a shamrock baked in the back. Show us a picture and get a free 1/2 dozen Cookie of the Month from us!


This is simply magical! Look at that gold horn! And those eyelashes! Simply glorious.......😱


Do you have some little monsters in your house? We do! Would your kids love some of these at their next party? Contact us today!

Just a note, we will be taking the week of February 27th through March the 5th off to update our bakery and make it more productive for you our friends and customers. We already have a couple orders for this week and we will still deliver them. Thank you for your continued support.


Our children grew up on Thomas the tank engine. Do you have a little engineer in your life? Order these trains and watch as they choo, choo, choo them to bits.


Cookie of the Month for February sill be random conversation hearts. $13.00 per dozen will make someone's day wonderful!


We love to celebrate the hero in everyone! Who are these perfect for? Contact us today with your ideas!


Hugs and kisses for all around! There's always someone who needs a little pick me up. Order from us and we'll include free local delivery to surprise someone. Check with us if your delivery is local. 

Im home

Miss that someone special? Are they coming home? Have a special gift ready for them when they get here!


Send some kisses to someone special! Call us about setting up your order.

Valentines day

You can always give flower bouquet's for Valentines Day, but why not give a unique bouquet that everyone will be talking about, and you will love? You can pick any of you designs, and have them placed on sticks to make a one of a kind gift for anyone. Contact us today with your ideas.


Ok guys, we want to give you a heads up, Valentine's Day is just under a month away. Are you looking for something for that special guy/girl in your life? May we suggest these sugary sweet treats sold by the dozen? Get them in red, pink, or both. With nearly 6 years in the business, we are able to make any day special! Free local delivery to the Waynesburg area. 


Need a little frozen in your life?  Contact us today about a couple dozen of these sparkly cookies just because you need them. 


We did these last week for one of our regular customers. Thanks for the cute idea Paulette! What is your idea?


Just a couple ideas to keep you motivated. The mittens would work well as we get 3-5 inches of snow today. The cupcakes are a great idea anytime for a birthday or other celebration.  Contact us today and see what we can bake up for you!