C-130 Cargo Plane

These are a set of 125 large c-130 planes made for the assembly plant located in Clarksburgh, WVa, with 6 sent on to the main assembly plant in Marietta, Ga. This was a fun one as I, Andy, have always been into military planes. The colors are grey as assembled at the WVa plant, and the Coast Guard red, white, and grey. Enjoy!


Each of our personalized cookies are hand made every day to give you a unique fresh product that you will enjoy eating from the first bite. Because of this, we ask for a 1week nice for orders when possible. We understand some circumstances will not allow this, and we will try to work with you whenever possible. But please understand we may not be able due to current orders. Just ask us! We are currently working on a large orders of C-130 cargo planes for a local customer. We'll post pics on Tuesday. Enjoy these pics of sweet watermelon while you wait.


Don't forget to order your cookies for birthday parties. We can put them on a tray, box them, or individually bag them to make it convenient. Ask us for pricing and ideas.

Vinny cookies.

We will be making a trip to washington on this tuesday to deliver cookies. Anyone wishing to order cookies for delivery please let us know.
We are having a fund raider for the next 30 days. This is in honor of and to help the family of Vinny "Mystro" Kelley. If you are unaware, he was killed in Washington, PA while trying to stop a robbery. He left behind an adult daughter and a grandson. I , Andy, graduated with Vince's sister Linda, and knew both Mark and Vince growing up. Leigh Ann's family knew the Kelley's since Vinny and Leigh Ann's brother Joe were 16. Joe knew Vince as a brother and rode motorcycles often together. That is why we have chosen to help. Vinny often could be seen with his iconic top hat. For every dozen top hats we sell through July 31st at our regular $17.95 price, we will put $10 towards the funeral and burial costs. This money will go directly to the funeral home and cemetery. If there is any money left over after the bills and paid, the remaining money will be turned into bonds for Vinny's grandson. We hope you will help this family wi the loss of their brother.