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Under Da Sea!

Now that Valentines dayis under control, we have time to breath. We recently did these cookies for a baby shower. Our cookoes are perfect for most occasions. Jist ask us for ideas if your not sure what yuwant.

Time is up!

We are happy to announce that we are closed for Valentines orders. The next open delivery date will be Monday, February 19th. We thank you for all being so consistant with your patronage. It has truely been a blessing. We look forward to baking something for you in the future.

Another wonderful cookie bouquet

Here is another wonderful bouquet that was ordered from a wife to a husband. We have over 300 cookie cutters available, and have created many of our own cutters when requested. We will happily produce anything in a cookie that we would be proud to show our children. No idea is too silly for us to try. Let us know what we can bake up for you today.

Price comparisons.

We have been very blessed with so many friends and customers. We want to give you an idea of the price difference between us and a local competitor. We sell a 7cookie bouquet for $29.95. This may seem a lot to some. If delivery is relatively close, we don't charge for delivery either. As seen in this picture, they charge $55.99 for the 7 cookie bouquet, and $8.99 for the container holding the bouquet. Then you pay for delivery. This is not shown to put our competitors down, simply to show comparison. God has seen fit for us to have this business, and we will not put profit above purpose. Have a great day,

Hugs and Kisses!

Want to give someone some Hugs and Kisses this Valentines Day? We have just what you should order. These "x's" and "o's" come in a variety of colors and are just the sweets for your sweet! Just remember to get your Valentine's Day orders in soon before it's too late.