Rain Day 2015!

Well, tomorrow is rain day in Waynesburg, PA. There will be activities all day long. 5 Kidz Kandy will have a new order of 6 dozen cookies from us. And don't walk out without some Hershey's ice cream.

Schedule update

Due to a schedule change, we will be available to deliver cookies for July 27th through July 31st. So, if you need them, let us know!

Munch, munch, munch!

There's a very hungry caterpillar around here. Rather in our house, or yours, there's always something to munch. Order a few before they eat us out of house and home. 

Vacation Time!

Important information! We're taking our little minions on vacation. So, we will not deliver any orders between July 19th and August 10th. Please keep that in mind when ordering. If you've already ordered, don't worry, your place is secure.

July Cookie of the Month

Time for our July Cookie of the Month! These are a special deal at $13.00 per dozen. Order plenty for your picnics! Call us today about personalizing a set for you.