Where's The Fire?

Calling all your little firefighters! Great for party favors, or just for the birthday child. We can bag these, or any of our cookies with a personalized header card saying thank you to each and every guest for an extra $.25 per cookie.
As i watch our yard, i see the bees buzzing along sipping their nectar. Looking for brightly colored flowers, i can't help but wonder what they would think if they saw our sparkly flowers........ sweet and inviting. Order these sweet treats for your little buzzing busy bodies and watch them smile.

Dough Prep

Time to make some dough! Prepping for 900 cookies to be shipped out soon all over the USA. Life is made easier by measuring everything out in advance. Mixing takes time and patience. Mix too long or too short will result in brittle cookies, or cookies that are too hard. overcook them slightly, and they taste like a graham cookie. All things we learned from trial and error