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Time to announce a price change. In our 6 years, we have raised our prices once. It is now time to keep up with the cost of materials, while still giving you a great deal compared to our competitors. Any orders placed July 1st and after will be on the new prices of $19.95 per dozen for our regular cookies, and $15.00 for our Cookie of the Month. Our bouquets will remain at $29.95. Thank you for all you have done to help us succeed, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Our Cookie of the Month for June are mixed varieties of flip-flops. Order them by the dozen for only $13.00.

Baby shower

Thanks for letting us help celebrate your precious little boy. Your display looks amazing! Is there something we can help you celebrate? Let us know!


Are you having a luau or other Hawaiian celebration? We may just have the cookies for you! #sugarcookies #cookies #hawaii #sweets 

Beach days

Well, our kids are out of school. Time to start thinking about flip flops and trips to the beach! And picnics with desserts. Take us with you wherever you go.


Want some doughnuts? Well, we only have these amazing doughnut sugar cookies! And we make them in sooo many varieties. Order them today!