April Cookie of the Month!

After taking a much needed vacation, your cookie rookie is back! Our April Cookie of the Month will be these sweet jellie beans. Brought to you in a variety of colors, they will add a vibrant color to any basket or table. Don't let Easter sneak up on you. We only have 20 days left. So, get your orders in soon. As always, the Cookie of the Month saves you $4.95 per dozen over the normal price.


Well, I believe Spring is finally in the air. The rain is falling today, it's warm, and there is no snow in the foreseeable future! It's about time to be thinking about Easter. Some of our favorite cookies are these glitzy peeps and bunnies. With their natural sugar coating, they were made to be one of our cookies. Kids and adults alike love our cookies. Either in their Easter baskets, or on a platter ready to serve, let us help you make it special. 

Back in Business!

Well, Your Cookie Rookie has returned from her stint as Your Pasta Rookie in Italy. We are thrilled to have her local again, well rested, and ready to bake something up for you! We will be taking orders to be delivered next Thursday, March 27th. Remember, Easter is April 20th, so get your orders in. We have had to close orders in the past due to the amazing demand. Don't get left out. 


Head on over to our Facebook page for a Facebook only contest going on till 8pm tonight to win a dozen colored rose cookies!

Made it!

So, the wife made it to Rome, met with her uncle Anso, had what he called "fast food pizza" not real Napoli pizza, and is on her way by train to Cacerta to meet her aunt i believe. Not sure if these are aunt, uncles, or cousins. Just know they are family and thrilled to see her.

Our Cookie Rookie is heading out to Italy for some additional training! Ok, maybe not, but she is heading to Italy to see family. She will be gone for 15 days to enjoy the sites, and connect with the home of her Angelo genes. Because of that, all new orders will not be delivered until after March 27th. We will be sure to share pictures and stories as her trip goes on. If you have any questions, or are interested in placing an order, please send it by Facebook or call 724-710-8031.