What's Wrong with Klause??

We guard our mascot, Klause The Lobster, very closely. We have had requests for more than one, Leigh Ann has wanted to do different colors for a special holiday, and Miss Jordyn has just recently tried to change the outline slightly to give him more detail. But i have been against all these alterations, until now. For the month of October to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness, all orders delivered in October will have a pink lobster wearing a pink ribbon. This is for all those affected by breast cancer, and especially to Team Witchpoo!

New Cookie Preview!

Well, Hello Kitty! These stunning cookies were made for a birthday recently. Me, Andy, being a big kid at heart, prefer these cartoon felines. Have an idea we haven't done in sugar yet? Send us a message and we may attempt it.

New Cookie!

We recently made these kilts for our friend and published author Victoria Roberts who writes Scottish romances. She took these kilts while doing a book singing with Nora Roberts! Very Exciting! 

September Cookie of the Month

School time is here again! With that in mind, we present our September Cookie of the Month. These apples are so shiny, they don't even need polished before you give them to your teacher or anyone else.