We're pretty big geeks around here. Do you know someone who would appreciate these? Contact us today to set-up an order. 

Birthday ideas

Got a birthday coming up? Check with us for ideas. Young, older, boy, girls, we have hundreds of cookie cutters to make their day!

Orders closed

Well, we are both happy and sad to say we are closed for CHRISTmas orders. Last year we made i to 103 dozen, or 1,236. Cookies. This year you blew it out of the water. We are closing with 125 dozen, or an AMAZING 1,500 cookies!!! Thanks for all your support. If you have not received an e-mail from us about your order, just respond here and we will check it out. But, please understand, if you did not already order, we cannot add even "just 1 more dozen" to this total. We still do need a few hours sleep. Thank you all very much and God bless.

Getting close

Ok, we now have space for Dec 12th and 13th. We're closing in to our totals from last years. Will you be part of the fun? Place your order today. 

Open dates

We are closing several delivery days. We can still deliver on Dec 12, 13, 15, and 16. If you pick-up at our location in west Waynesburg, we may be able to do other days. Just ask, but understand that we may not be able to help you. There are only so many hours in a day to make dough, icing, and bake, cool, and decorate cookies as well as take care of our 4 children who will always come first. Thank you for understanding.

Da rules

Ok, so we got orders for another 10 dozen today. We wanted to let you know a few things. First, we do not have a "set list" of cookies we do each year. We are willing to do any designs we have cookie cutters for, and that's around 400 cutters. And second, you can mix up designs even within a single dozen. So, if you want 3 cats, 3 frogs, 3 reindeer, and 3 rockets, we can do that. Keep the orders coming!


This was the last of our orders last year. Took orders for 14 more dozen since yesterday. Don't be late!


We've already been receiving CHRISTmas orders. We highly encourage you to place your orders soon before we need to shut orders off for he season. We hate to turn down orders, but, we are a small bussiness. Last year we shut-off at 103 dozen. Don't get left out. Contact us today.


Ok guys, here's what to get the woman/daughters in your life. Cookies are always a winner. Get them as a bouquet and show them how much thought you put into it! We can do any colors you want, just ask us. 

Still time

We still have room for a few Thanksgiving orders. Don't wait till it's too late!


Need a tray of happiness for Thanksgiving? We have your cookies right here. Already on a tray with a clear plastic bag over them ready to serve. 

Party favors

Need some cute ideas for your kids to take into class for the party? Why not some of these surgery gems? We love making snack time frightfully fun!

Fall leaves

Fall is in the air, and our crunchy fall leaves should be in your belly. Order them by he dozen, or on a tray ready for your party. 

Order early

As the end of the year is fast approaching, we need to remind you to place all orders  at least 2 weeks in advance of when you need them. We also fill up slots very quickly for Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas. So ordering more than 2 weeks in advance for these holidays is advised. We have had to turn orders away in the past several years. Thanks for understanding.

New cookies

Recently did these Skylander cookies. What's your interest?

5 Kidz delivery

We took a fresh order of cookies to 5 Kidz Kandy today including these new designs. Stop by to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pony Party!

Parties always go better with friends like these! We have a new cookie cutter ready to make someone's day special. Contact us today.

The wild west!

Birthday parties all around! Have a little guy that loves the old west? We have an idea for this one. 


We like super heros around here. And we like doing cookies. Combine  the two and you can't loose. Order yours today.

Halloween in August?

Have you started thinking about Halloween cookies? We are. That's because we get so busy we have to turn orders away. Don't get left without your favorite treats for the kids at school or your own party!

Kitty time!

Hello Kitty is such a classic character. Why not include a dozen or two just for fun? 

Baby shower ideas

Another cute idea for a baby shower. Let us know your ideas and we'll try to help.

Company logos?

Want your company logo on a cookie? Ask us, we may be able to help. 

August Cookie of the Month

August cookie of the month are these watermelon slices. You save $4.95 over our regular price. Order yours today!


We're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red.........

New cookies

Here's some ideas we did for a BBQ baby shower. Always happy to try new ideas. We still have space for next week, Aug 8-13. So, place your orders today!

Vacation time!

Just to let you know, we will be away till Aug 7th enjoying the beach. If you call or contact us, we may not get back to you till the 7th. Any new orders can be for Aug 10th. Thanks.

Rain Day!

Happy Rain Day Waynesburg,PA. Hope you all have a wet day!

Day dreaming?

Are you dreaming of a day at the beach? One of our friends were. What are you dreaming of? Want us to put it on a cookie? Probably. Contact us and find out!

Ice cream too cold?

Summertime is always a great time for ice cream. And, we have great tasting varieties. No need worrying about getting a brain freeze though. Order them by the dozen, and have then sent to anyone in the US for a small delivery fee. Call us today with your cookie ideas!

Summer Fun!

Time for summer picnic's. Let us bake you something special. And en we can personalize it with a name, and date. We'll even put them on a tray and wrap them for you! That way, all you have to do is enjoy your day.

Happy 4th!

Just wanted to wish all our friends and family Happy 4th of July from us!

July 4th

We still have a few spots left for July 4th delivery. We will also have red, white, blue, and gold stars for our July Cookie of the Month. $13.00 per dozen for the stars and they will be the star of you celebration!


Thanks Brittany for the fun idea! What's your idea? We would love to talk to you about it.


Have a super heroine in your family? Why not give them a great reward? We're big into super heroes and love the challenge. Contact us today with your idea!

Cookie ideas

Do you know where the wild things are? We do, they are right here! Ask us about your favorite memories and we'll try to turn it into cookies!

Here's a question......

One of the most common questions we get is "How much notice do you need for an order?" As a general rule, we need at least 2 weeks notice for smaller orders up to 5 dozen. Anything above that may require longer notice. Thankfully, we are becoming quite busy. Please be aware that giving us two weeks notice does not guarantee we can do them. Sometimes we are able to help with less notice. And we will anytime we can. Our greatest joy is seeing the reactions to our creations. If you know a date, but not for sure a number, let us know so we can reserve you a spot. We don't want your special someone to end up like this.

Having a wedding?

Need some ideas for a wedding shower, or wedding, talk to us about personalizing something for you.