Ugly sweater? These are my normal clothes!

We didn't get a chance to show off our ugly sweater designs this year. Take Hesse to your event, and you may walk away the winner. Don't forget to order your New Years party platters befor the orders fill up!

Celebrate the CHRIST child!

Well, CHRISTmas is here and all the orders are finished. We are now on our way to celebrate with family. We are thankful for all our friends, family, and customers that have helped us to become a successful family business focused on God and his will for us. I know you may not all be believers, but we as a family/ business truly believe tomorrow is a celebration of our Saviors birth and thank you all for supporting our family and ultimately Him! We look forward to creating some memories with you in the future. God bless your family! Thank you Pam at Cookie Crazy for the cookie idea.

Delivery time!

Well, the Cookie Rookie is already on the road at 7am, making deliveries throughout the region. We love bringing CHRISTmas cheer to the faces of our friends! Please return a hearty smile if you see her today.

New Years!

We may be closed for CHRISTmas orders, but we're wide open for New Years celebrations! Let us know if you need a cookie tray, or just some loose cookies to bring in 2014. Let's see what we can bake up for you!

Times about up!

Well, we are at 86 dozen (1032 cookies) for CHRISTmas orders. Believe it or not, we are willing to take a few dozen more. Orders for CHRISTmas  close tomorrow, or when we reach 90 dozen. After that, you can ask, but probably not. Please continue your orders for New Years or any other excuse to enjoy our cookies. Thank you for all who have given us business. You pay for us to make family moments that will last forever.

Time's Running Out.......

We will be cutting off orders by December 13th. Our slots are about full with 80 dozen cookies and counting. We feel so blessed with the response to our tiny little cookie company. God has even bigger plans for us and we can't wait to see what he has in store. We're glad you all will be here to share it with us. Please finish getting your orders into us soon. These toboggan hats go perfectly with the mittens we posted earlier. Why not get both?

Time to bundle up!

A chill has finally arrived in the air. As we go about our business, don't forget to bundle up against the cold. We recommend wearing your mittens, and ordering some mittens to snack on or leave out for old St. Nick. We have a variety of designs and colors available. Call us today and let's see what we can bake up for you.

Snow is in the air!!

Tonight we will be celebrating the season at the Waynesburg downtown open house. Most businesses in town will be open late, barrel fires on the street corners, carrolers along the roads, and maybe some special deals for the shoppes. We're hoping the temperatures fall enough for the snow that is coming to fall while the event is going on. It would make this evening perfect. Maybe we can even build a snowman and name him Carson Brown (LOL). Hope to see some of you tonite. And get your orders in soon, as slots are filling up quickly, and you don't want to.......get left in the cold.

No chill in the air till the weekend......

We are hoping for some colder air and some snow to stick around. The holidays just aren't the same without it. Here are some other ideas for CHRISTmas cookies. Let us place them on a tray and wrap them to take to any CHRISTmas party. We can do the work for you and leave you more time with your families.

Snowflakes anyone?

Well, December is here, and where's the snow? Rain is falling at the time of this post, and it just doesn't seem right. Snowflakes should be in the air.......and on your plate. Because these are each hand made, we guarantee there are no two alike! So, fill a plate and enjoy a few with your favorite hot beverage. 

First of the CHRISTmas orders!

The first orders are being baked and prepared today. 28 dozen (336 cookies) are being loveingly prepared for delivery on Monday. We have received orders for 14 dozen overnight. Thank you for your patronage. 

December Cookie of the Month

Ok, we are announcing our December Cookie of the Month early. We will have gingerbread men and women. Our orders last year were closed by December the 5th. Don't wait till the last minute to get your orders in. The Cookie of the Month is only $13.00 per dozen, so stock up for the holidays. Our cookies freeze well for snacks later.

Thanksgiving is Coming!

With Thanksgiving only 3 days away, and a change coming in the weather, we  are closing orders for the week. Any orders already placed are being worked on at this moment. When the orders build-up, even Mr Cookierookie gets into the action. Thank you for making this another successful Thanksgiving season. 

Dreary days.

Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. When it's raining all day, we like to get a movie for the family, and snuggle on the couch for the night. Snacks are always encouraged, and these raindrops and umbrella fit the day. Look at our other ideas on our Facebook page or at

Get Ready to give Thanks.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. With all the traveling, and meal preparation, wouldn't it be nice not worring about one of your dessert choices? We can put together a great assortment of fall favorites, put them on a platter, and wrap them. All you have to do is remove the cover and they are ready to serve. Just tell us how many dozen you need, and we will take care of the rest.

A Special Surprise!

These little beauties are a surprise for someone. They are being shipped out soon to be delivered to someone who has inspired us. Do you know someone who could use a little thank you? Our cookies and cookie bouquets ship quite well anywhere in the continental US. We have shipped all the way to California without breakage. We are getting filled up on our Thanksgiving orders, so don't delay. Get your order in soon.

More Fall ideas!

Hope you are getting your orders in for Thanksgiving and Fall gatherings. We here at Your cookie rookie like to do Thanksgiving in our pajamas. We all get new pajamas, wait for Leigh Ann's brother's family come for dinner, and never have to loosen our belts later! What are your holiday traditions? Hopefully you can find room for these Indian corn on your table.

More Fall Cookie Ideas.....

The Fall leaves are everywhere we look. But more often than not, they are in our yards, and gutters causing us work and sometimes grief. Well, here are some leaves we can all hope fall in our laps. These came about through the creative mind of the Cookielady. Remember these and our other Fall ideas for your Thanksgiving feasts.

Thanksgiving is Coming.....

Just a reminder, don't wait till it's too late to get your turkey for Thanksgiving. But if you do wait, this pluckey little guy can fill in quite nicely! Order them in a box, or with other Fall favorites on a platter ready for feasting right out of the bag. Watch for other fall/Thanksgiving ideas coming up.

November Cookie of the Month.

We are staying on a beautiful farm far into the wilderness, and it suddenly occurs to us, we haven't announced the November Cookie of the Month. We really like these turkey drumsticks. They are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, and we know you can't resist eating them like the real thing. We also have holiday platters available. Contact us to see what we can bake up for you today!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.......

We love to try something new and these fit the bill. Any little girl will be thrilled to bite into these. Or maybe a thank you for your hair dresser. We're sure you can find someone to satisfy with their glittery goodness. Remember to check our website for more ideas at

Under The Sea!

Why not let your little princess have these little mermaid cookies. As we continue on, we learn to do more detailed cookies. These were not too bad and still translate well into sugar. Have an unusual idea? Strange request? Ask us. As long as we would be proud to show them our young children, we'll consider it.

Just A Reminder.......

We still have a limited number of slots left for Halloween orders. Contact us today for your Halloween party ideas and we will make it happen.

This little piggy went to market!

These were made for a girl taking her hog to market. We enjoy making these fun pieces. Ask us what creative ideas we have for you! 

Be ready for the Halloween party!

You may be having a Halloween party, attending one, or just having a couple friends over for trick or treat. Either way, be ready with a platter full of our fall cookies. These will be the hit of any gathering. Order slots are filling in quickly, so call or message us today and make sure we have your order in place. Prices vary depending on how many cookies you need. The platter will come wrapped in a clear plastic bag and decorated with fall colored ribbons. The platter shown is only an example and can be customizes with any of our cookies.

Treating the Ghosts and Ghouls

I know growing up, we loved handing out candy for trick-or-treat. A lot of families had one bowl of candy to hand out to the general public. Then they had the "special" bowl for close neighbors and relatives. These were the best treats. Full sized candy bars, brand name candy, and homemade cakes and cookies. Why not consider having your own "special" bowl filled with these Halloween goodies individually wrapped and ready to go out the door. Your friends and relatives will remember these sugar coated goodies the next time you need help cleaning the gutters. These also make great classroom treats for that Halloween party. Contact us today to see what we can bake-up for you.

Pink Ribbons

This month is Breast Cancer awareness Month. We offer these pink ribbons so you can show support at all your fund raising events. Hey come in light and dark pink or white with outlines to match. These can be boxed, packaged, or as a cookie bouquet. Just let us know and we can add a name as well.

Time to Ride!

As I sit here looking outside, I see the clouds burning off leading to the promise of a beautiful day. Whether you are coming to Greene county Historical Society for it's annual Harvest Festival, or just running to a local park, we recommend you do it on a Harley. And you just may need some cookies to share with all your brothers and sisters on the ride. Have fun, be safe and ride on Vinnie.

Ready to Roll Out!

Now we have another great birthday idea for you. As with any of our cookies, you can have them loose, individually bagged with header cards, or on a tray. Keep looking for more updated pictures, and ideas.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Well, it's time again to remember our friends, family, and co-workers who have fought breast cancer. We will be shipping all orders with Klause wearing a shines coat of pink. As we become bigger and more well known, we hope to be able to do more. This is just a small reminder to all our customers to say a prayer for those fighting this dreadful disease. Thank you all for being here with us and go team Witchpoo!

October Cookie of the Month!

Well, fall is here. We love this time of year. Just starting to get cool, beautiful foliage, and the taste of pumpkin spice! With that in mind, we bring you these pumpkins fresh off the vine. Share them with family, share them with co-workers, or don't share them at all. These will be on special all October for $13.00 per dozen and go great with that morning mug of coffee.

Cookie of the Month!

Remember, we will have a new Cookie of the Month announced in 2 days. These are the same cookies we make daily, just at a savings to you. They are typically an easier design that takes less time to produce. This allows us to pass the savings to you. Regular cookies are $17.95 per dozen, Cookie of the Month are $13.00 per dozen. Check back for our current special. 

Always Have Our Teams!

With so many of the local teams doing well, it is only natural that we will have celebrations. With that in mind, we offer these Pittsburgh Penguins cookies. Rather you are for us or against us, we can make sweet treats to feed all your rowdy friends.
We would like to remind you of our Cookie of the Month club. Each month we pick a simple design and offer them at a discount. They are only $13.00 per dozen. That saves you $4.95 per dozen over our regular price. Anyone who wishes to be part of the Club will receive an e-mail by the 3rd of each month asking if you want yours for the month and when. You can choose to opt out for the month if you like. We need all our current Club members to let us know if you still want to be part. Just respond to this post, e-mail us, or text Cookielady Shaner. Thank you for all our customers and may God bless your day!
Congratulations Stacy Kish! You were our winner for the mustache cookies. Contact us  with your info so we can get these to you.
Remember our contest. Suggest us to your friends for a chance to win 1dozen mustache cookies. Let us know via Facebook or at by 8pm Sunday to be entered into a random drawing.

New Cookies!

I moustache you a question......have you suggested us to all your friends? We are always looking to increase our customer base. Suggest us to your friends, let us know you did on Facebook or by e-mail and we will put in for a drawing for one dozen moustache cookies. This offer will last until Sunday at 8 pm and then we will draw a winner. Thanks for keeping an eye on us. 

Curious question.......

We are trying to decide if these fairies should have faces or not. What do you think?

More Party Ideas!

Angry Birds is popular these days. May we suggest these sweet Angry Birds for your next get together. You can have them on a tray, individually bagged and tagged, loose in a box, or in a original cookie bouquet. Prices are listed on our web page at, or on our Facebook page.

Fall Is Coming!

As we start looking around, we can't help noticing the leaves are beginning to fall. Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice coffee, a chill has taken over our evenings, and the pumpkins are growing on the vines.  Don't forget our crunchy fall leaves when you have that warm cup of coffee, or hot chocolate. They make your quiet moments even better.

Birthday Favor Ideas

Looking for something to give out at the birthday? You an give gift bags full of small things they'll never play with, and some simple candy that is just OK, or you can give personalized sugar cookies that will bring a smile to anyone's face. These can be themed to match most parties and have a personal thank you printed at the top. The price is $2.00 per cookie bagged and tagged and ready to go out the door.  Any of our cookie ideas can be bagged to meat your needs.

September Cookie of the Month

We are offering these sunflower cookies as our September Cookie of the Month. They will look beautiful in full bloom wherever you choose to place them. At $13.00 per dozen, you save $4.95 over our regular price. Sorry, no sunflower seeds will come of these beauties, as they will not be around long enough to dry out.

Cookie Ideas

These cookies were ordered when friends of ours were moving. I also think these houses look like smurf house. Find other unique ways to send cookies. We would be happy to help you find the right cookies for the right occasion.
 For those not aware, we have a special cookie each month that we call our Cookie of the Month. These are a simple design picked by our family. One dozen cookies are normally  $17.95. The Cookie of the Month are $13.00 per dozen. This is a great way to get some cookies and take advantage of the savings.

Football Time!

As football Is fast approaching, we can see football parties starting soon. We're not sure if it will be any easier to get your hands on these footballs as popular as they are. Just make it an extra point to put a couple aside for later. 

August Cookie of the Month!

Our August Cookie of the Month are apples. Just in time for school and perfect to give to your new teacher to make a good impression. Always remember, at $13.00 per dozen, our Cookie of the Month selection saves you $4.95 per dozen over our regular price. Check out our other ideas on Facebook or  

C-130 Cargo Plane

These are a set of 125 large c-130 planes made for the assembly plant located in Clarksburgh, WVa, with 6 sent on to the main assembly plant in Marietta, Ga. This was a fun one as I, Andy, have always been into military planes. The colors are grey as assembled at the WVa plant, and the Coast Guard red, white, and grey. Enjoy!


Each of our personalized cookies are hand made every day to give you a unique fresh product that you will enjoy eating from the first bite. Because of this, we ask for a 1week nice for orders when possible. We understand some circumstances will not allow this, and we will try to work with you whenever possible. But please understand we may not be able due to current orders. Just ask us! We are currently working on a large orders of C-130 cargo planes for a local customer. We'll post pics on Tuesday. Enjoy these pics of sweet watermelon while you wait.


Don't forget to order your cookies for birthday parties. We can put them on a tray, box them, or individually bag them to make it convenient. Ask us for pricing and ideas.

Vinny cookies.

We will be making a trip to washington on this tuesday to deliver cookies. Anyone wishing to order cookies for delivery please let us know.
We are having a fund raider for the next 30 days. This is in honor of and to help the family of Vinny "Mystro" Kelley. If you are unaware, he was killed in Washington, PA while trying to stop a robbery. He left behind an adult daughter and a grandson. I , Andy, graduated with Vince's sister Linda, and knew both Mark and Vince growing up. Leigh Ann's family knew the Kelley's since Vinny and Leigh Ann's brother Joe were 16. Joe knew Vince as a brother and rode motorcycles often together. That is why we have chosen to help. Vinny often could be seen with his iconic top hat. For every dozen top hats we sell through July 31st at our regular $17.95 price, we will put $10 towards the funeral and burial costs. This money will go directly to the funeral home and cemetery. If there is any money left over after the bills and paid, the remaining money will be turned into bonds for Vinny's grandson. We hope you will help this family wi the loss of their brother.

4th of July Ideas!

A couple of years ago we did this cookie platter for someone celebrating their soldiers retirement. This can be such a wonderful centerpiece to your 4th celebration as we gather to celebrate our independence.  The sugared cookies almost glitter as much as the fireworks that come later in the evening. Check with us for pricing that will fit your budget.