Cookie Ideas

These cookies were ordered when friends of ours were moving. I also think these houses look like smurf house. Find other unique ways to send cookies. We would be happy to help you find the right cookies for the right occasion.
 For those not aware, we have a special cookie each month that we call our Cookie of the Month. These are a simple design picked by our family. One dozen cookies are normally  $17.95. The Cookie of the Month are $13.00 per dozen. This is a great way to get some cookies and take advantage of the savings.

Football Time!

As football Is fast approaching, we can see football parties starting soon. We're not sure if it will be any easier to get your hands on these footballs as popular as they are. Just make it an extra point to put a couple aside for later. 

August Cookie of the Month!

Our August Cookie of the Month are apples. Just in time for school and perfect to give to your new teacher to make a good impression. Always remember, at $13.00 per dozen, our Cookie of the Month selection saves you $4.95 per dozen over our regular price. Check out our other ideas on Facebook or